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Programmed sleeve setting


  • Automatic programm sequence with graphic user's guidance
  • Material-friendly belt feed for constant first-class quality
  • Easy operation and programming by screen-assisted. dialogue-oriented programming (teach-inprocedure)
  • Clearly arranged display of all relevant data on the sreen
  • Individual seam programming with max. 13 steps and 30 programmed ruffling values
  • Automatic mirroring of the first seam
  • Quick programm adaption to all garment sizes by means of automatic grading
  • Proportional correction of the ruffling values to adapt the programs to different materials
Typical field of application
  • Setting sleeves with or without preruffled sleeve crown
  • Sewing sleeve heads in armhole
Performance features
  • 170 - 180 men's jackets / 480'
  • 190 - 210 men's jackets with preruffled sleeves / 480'

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