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650-10 OP3000

Optimized work station for setting sleeves


Sleeve setting is one of the most difficult sewing operations in the clothing industry. The demands on the operator with regard to dexterity and knowledge of production Technology are extremely high. When using the sleeve setter 650-10 a large part of the difficult handling is taken over by the machine by means of the “curve support” function. Sewing is simplified considerably, the training periods are shortened essentially and Performance as well as quality are increased.

Your advantages

  • Function “curve-support“ for easier handling specially in the sleeve head
  • Finest fullness nuances via step motor-controlled belt transport to handle sleeve fullness even in most difficult fabrics
  • Thread tension programmable per step, foot pressure and alternation for perfect seams independent of the material thickness, e.g. when processing epaulettes
  • Programmable fullness values from -6 to 16
  • Ergonomically designed work station for fatigue-free working with LED sewing light directly in the sewing area and optimal view on the material to be processed
  • Short training times due to easiest operation
  • Easiest programming possible by 'teach-in' procedure and automatic mirroring for the second sleeve
  • All functions are electronically controlled – no compressed air required

Performance examples in 480 min.

  • Approx. 170 – 180 men's jackets / ladies' blazers (sleeves not pre-ruffled)
  • Approx. 190 – 220 men's jackets / ladies' blazers (sleeves pre-ruffled)

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