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Finishing and simultaneous trimming of armholes


  • Edge trimmer for perfectly trimmed excess lengths of lining and shoulder pads
  • Alternating top feed and needle feed for the safe feeding of extreme material thickness
  • Post bed design for optimum handling of the workpiece
  • Automatically switchable fullness device for optional fullness in the upper or lower material ply
  • Automatically switchable stitch loosening device for a "soft " shoulder pad
  • Individually adjustable stitch loosening finger to adapt the thread quantity to the thickness of the shoulder pad
  • Thread trimmer and sewing foot lift facilitate the handling

Typical field of application

  • Sewing shoulder pads into armholes
  • Sewing body lining into armholes

Performance features

  • 230 - 250 pairs of shoulder pads / 480'
  • 280 - 300 body linings / 480'

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