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Runstitching flaps and waistband extensions


  • Perfect seam courses and accurate repetition by means of sewing template
  • Freely programmable TAGLOG® chip for storing seam course, sewing speed, stitch length and bartack length
  • Triple memory chip for sewing e.g. three different waistband extension shapes with only one template
  • Sets of parts for the self-manufacture of template available
  • Perfectly distributed fullness due to fullness bow on the template
  • Constant seam distances by means of separatly driven edge trimmer
  • Lockstitch machine for tight seams, even in corner and radi

Typical field of application

  • Runstitching small parts like flaps and waistband  extensions
  • Runstitching cuffs in the production of shirts and blouses

Performance features

  • 2,000 - 2,400 flaps or waistband extensions / 480'

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