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M-Type – The New Standard


This machines offer smooth sewing and a constant high stitch quality.
Excellent stitch pattern and a constant and tight stitch formation is guaranteed by the optimized sewing kinematics.
A new dimension of flexibility and functionality has been created!
887 machines are suitable to process most different seams easily and with constant stitch performance.

Your advantages
• 4 subclasses with highly efficient equipment features
• Excellent stitch pattern, constant and tight stitch formation even during sewing speed changes
• Sewing start-up can be influenced by the movable needle plate inserts
• Automatic bobbin winder with winding starting aid
• Manually switchable second thread tension for optimised sewing results (ECO)
• Low noise and vibration
• The powerful and effective feeding system with wheel feed, needle feed and driven roller presser guarantees excellent material feed when processing different material thicknesses
• Feeding wheel with cross grooving for minimized marks on the fabrics.
• Feeding wheel covered by rubber, for mark-free sewing (optional)
• Hook replacement without dismantling of bobbin case
• Needle change without tools
• New lubricating system with central oil tank and oil pump
• Extra fine setting of roller presser position
• Easy maintenance and access, only a few tools needed

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