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The Texprocess in Frankfurt is one of the most important platforms worldwide for the textile and leather industry. After an abstinence of three years, the time has finally come: On more than 800m², Dürkopp Adler and PFAFF Industrial with KSL will present multiple exciting and innovative solutions for connecting textiles and leather at the joined DA Group booth in Halle 9.0 from June 21-24 2022 under the motto “Time to meet again”.

“Focus of the exhibition this year is the personal contact and exchange with our customers, partners and of course every other interested person”, says Henry Diekmann, Head of Marketing at Dürkopp Adler. This is why there will be another highlight besides the exhibits: The DA Group Competence Stage. Located right at the at the joined DA Group booth, exciting trends and futuristic innovations will be explained and discussed on a daily basis. Experts of different sectors of the branch are invited to present impressive insights into the future of the industry. With these freely accessible presentations concerning sustainability, automation and digitalization the DA group unites the branch’s innovation network at the booth.


DÜRKOPP ADLER demonstrates the leading position in automation and digitalization in the industrial sewing technology with the exhibited products at this year’s Texprocess. Furthermore, many interesting sewing technologies and digital solutions will be presented for all types of applications. 


For medium-heavy sewing applications, the innovative and fully digitalized M-TYPE DELTA Platform impresses with its new machine variants and types of transportation. After the successful market-launch in 2019, the platform is now also available as a long arm version and optionally with a driven roller feet. Due to the variety of designs, transport systems and the adaptive interfaces, the M-TYPE DELTA platform is the perfect system for an extremely efficient and fully digitalized production in all types of industrial applications. The industry's most advanced machine platform is complemented by easily connectable and useful supplementary equipment and Poka yoke systems that ensure a flawless sewing process and a perfect sewing result.


In the highest equipped variation, 550-D800, the M-TYPE DELTA becomes the most advanced workplace system for process-reliable and documentation-relevant sewing applications. In addition to the M-TYPE DELTA technology, the concept of a modular workplace is also new. This facilitates the specific selection and configuration of the sewing machine head – individually adjusted to the respective sewing application to be documented. Thanks to the simple connection to QONDAC or already existing production control systems by means of integrated and adaptive interfaces, the 550-D800 can be upgraded to a fully digitalized sewing system for constant process reliability.


Dürkopp Adler also presents new sewing technology solutions in the field of CNC Technology. Apart from technological improvements of the CNC sewing unit 911, Dürkopp Adler presents the SPOT System (Sewing Program Optimization Technology) for the 911. This system scans the material before the sewing process and, if needed, automatically optimizes the respective sewing program stitch by stitch for a perfect sewing result.

With the 911-906, Dürkopp Adler launches a new product in the CNC portfolio. The machine made to sew foam onto car seat cover parts ensures maximum productivity while providing the best quality. Displacement of the cover material caused by the use of heat during the lamination process is completely prevented.


Of course, visitors at the exhibition can as well look forward to innovations in the field of light sewing applications. Dürkopp Adler presents refined new machine features for the garment segment under the motto Flexible Automation, which make it possible to produce most efficiently and at the same time to react flexibly to adaptations and small series in the production. Form sets for the jeans pocket setter 906, for instance, can now be produced locally and quickly using the 3D printing option. This enables the machine to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing designs without losing productivity. The sewing units for piped pockets 755/756 are now also extremely flexible. Thanks to the use of programmable control elements, the machine can be adjusted to other materials at the touch of a button. Particularly effective is changing the needle distance. Due to integrated electronics, the machine can be converted in just a few minutes, which is 66% faster than the previous model.


In addition, Dürkopp Adler will present many products at the booth that have been optimized for the production of Casual Wear under the motto "Dürkopp Adler goes Casual". The fully automatic pocket setter 806 is optimized for sewing on pockets and neck shields in tubular knitwear. The piped pocket sewing units 755/756 are provided with new features to efficiently produce pockets in sportswear material - with and without endless zipper. New innovative solutions for serging and closing of casual pants and jeans have been integrated into the sewing units of the brand Beisler and thus extend the range of applications for the trousers automation. Furthermore, Dürkopp Adler presents new overlock and twin-needle machines for the garment sector.


QONDAC represents the award-winning bidirectional networking system by Dürkopp Adler for the sewing industry. At the exhibition, new features and software modules will be demonstrated and shown in a real time production-case to prove: QONDAC useful for everyone. Depending on the digitization objectives, different software modules are offered and depending on the sewing technologies used, 3 different levels of integration are proposed: the networking of manual workstations, the connection of standard sewing machines as well as the deep integration of programmable sewing machines, such as the M-TYPE DELTA.

Collecting and analyzing data for production optimization, managing new orders in the production, guiding employees through sewing operations, administering the machine park and controlling service processes - QONDAC makes all of this possible and provides advantages that generate real additional value and make the difference in the end. Of course, QONDAC also interacts with existing production control systems via prepared interfaces.


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550 D800
550 D800
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