DA 911-906 | Highest productivity through automatic overlapping CNC-sewing

The brand-new DA 911-906 takes automated sewing processes for medium-heavy applications to a new level of productivity.

As an innovative sewing system, the DA 911-906 combines high-quality CNC sewing with fully automatic material feeding and stacking in a single sewing unit. By linking and automating the upstream and downstream processes directly before and after the actual sewing process, an overlapping mode of operation is made possible. While the machine automatically feeds, sews and stacks the material, a single operator can prepare the next work step, so there is no downtime and the process is operated at maximum productivity.

The advantages of the DA 911-906 can be used for a wide range of medium-heavy sewing applications. For example, one of the applications where the DA 911-906 is used is for sewing foam onto automotive seat cover parts. As the clamp securely fixes the two fabric layers and guides them to the machine, slipping of the fabric layers is prevented. As a result, in addition to working efficiently, the usually necessary laminating process can be completely eliminated, which not only shortens the operation itself, but also the entire production process.



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