A seamless transition - New CEO of DA Group

As of April 1, 2023, the CEO of Dürkopp Adler Group, Dietrich Eickhoff, will hand over the management of the group to Wolf-Markus Frank

Wolf-Markus Frank will be taking over the management of the Dürkopp Adler Group from Dietrich Eickhoff. He will take up his new post on April 1 of this year. Mr. Frank has, since July 2022, already taken responsibility for "Marketing, Product Marketing and Business Development". His proven management skills as well as a strong and competent work-based energy have proven that he will continue to shape the group for the future.

Dürkopp Adler is thereby ensuring a seamless and smooth transition in the succession process.

Wolf-Markus Frank is looking forward to his new task: "With the Dürkopp Adler Group we have found the ideal interaction: the company is developing dynamically, and, with my background, I intend to make a central contribution."

As an entrepreneur Wolf-Markus Frank has proven that he can lead the fortunes of a company. He has held leading positions at Munters GmbH and Electrolux Professional GmbH for several years. With his more than 15 years of international experience he is also bringing the necessary expertise to manage and further develop the internationally operating company Dürkopp Adler.

"I am firmly convinced that Wolf-Markus Frank is the exact top manager to lead the group through the upcoming and challenging transformation process. His experience, his professional and intellectual knowhow, including having the necessary customer and product orientation and his commitment to our brands are the best requirements for this transformation process.", says Dietrich Eickhoff.

Dietrich Eickhoff has worked for the Dürkopp Adler Group for several decades and since 2010 has been the CEO. During this time Dietrich Eickhoff was handling far-reaching innovations and successes for the Dürkopp Adler group.

Following upon the secure and now final handover of the business to Wolf-Markus Frank, Dietrich Eickhoff will remain active combining his expertise and wealth of knowledge in consulting and strategic projects for the group with an active advisory board mandate.

The Dürkopp Adler group relies on stability as well as perspective and is looking forward to the joint future path with Wolf-Markus Frank who will be continuing and enriching the innovative and successful course of the company with his impulses.