Dürkopp Adler expands its pioneering position in automatic processing in pocket production

Dürkopp Adler, the leading manufacturer of automatic pocketing welting machines, continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the pocket production industry. In their latest advancements, the company introduces new features and technologies on their 756B and 755A that enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, further solidifying their pioneering position.

Traditionally, the production of long pocket bags in jacket enter pocket has relied on manual processes. However, Dürkopp Adler's automatic pocketing welting machines have revolutionized this aspect of pocket production. With the introduction of a new feature on their 756B piping pocket machine, the processing of long pocket bags in connection with flaps can now be performed simultaneously. This innovative processing variant offers approximately 20% savings compared to conventional methods, making pocket production more efficient and economical.

The new feature includes additional flap clamps with adjustable stops, simplifying the loading process of long pocket bags over the flap. This enhancement streamlines workflow and improves overall productivity. Furthermore, the inclusion of a pocket bag deflector ensures the safe unrolling of the jacket into the stacker, reducing the risk of material mishandling or damage during production. Additionally, the programmable flap stop allows for quick and easy adjustment of flap widths, providing flexibility to adapt to various pocket width requirements.

The 756B piping pocket machine, with its fully automatic feeding mechanism, offers even more advantages to manufacturers in the pocket production sector. By integrating fully automated feeding, the machine not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable production time. In fact, the new piped pocket welting series surpasses preceding technologies by far, reducing production time by up to 50% with its fully automatic feeding feature compared to convential methods..

One other highlight from the Piped Pocket Series of Dürkopp Adler is the introduction of innovative and powerful piping technologies for applications with endless zippers. The new generation of piped pocket sewing units includes the classes 755 A and 756 A. The 755 A excels in straight pocket openings, providing high-performance technology. On the other hand, the 756 A offers applications for slanted and straight pockets.

An impressive feature within this series is the attachment for processing endless zippers. This attachment allows for tension-free sewing and cutting of endless zippers from the roll, particularly those with plastic spiral components. To ensure perfect pocket quality, even in challenging materials, Dürkopp Adler has developed the programmable needle transport. Additionally, the series includes special folders with zipper attachments from the top, available in various types according to needle distances and zipper sizes. The transport gripper enables displacement-free attaching of the zipper in the seam beginning, further enhancing the efficiency and precision of the pocket production process.

The applications for these innovative pocket welting technologies are extensive, ranging from trouser pockets and rider pants pockets to jacket lining inner pockets and sportswear clothing. Dürkopp Adler provides special folders designed for each application, ensuring optimal performance and quality.

With these pioneering advancements, Dürkopp Adler strengthens its position as an industry leader in automatic pocket processing. Whether it's improving the production of long pocket bags or introducing innovative piping technologies, Dürkopp Adler remains at the forefront of revolutionizing the way pockets are produced, setting new standards for the industry as a whole.

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