New brochure online: Worksteps for tent production

Tents have become an omnipresent part of our everyday lives. And there is a good reason for this: whether as caravan tents, living tents, medical tents, trade fair and event tents or as ordinary sunshades - they have become indispensable in so many fields thanks to their flexible range of applications and quick assembly.

New tent variants are constantly being created - in regard to the shapes as well as the materials and colour combinations used. Due to the high demands on weather resistance and durability, technical fabrics, tarpaulins, foils and PVC fabrics are processed for the production of tents, which place particularly high demands on the sewing process. Only industrial sewing machines with appropriate equipment are able to process tent parts without ruffling effect and fabric distortion.

With this brochure Dürkopp Adler offers you an overview of the different sewing operations in tent production and the perfect sewing machine technology with the corresponding configuration for the respective applications.

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