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Dürkopp Adler Electronic Service

Today electronic components are an essential part of every powerful industrial sewing machine. Repair at the point of machine use is often not possible. But break downs are problematic and jeopardise the delivery capacity to your customer.
To give you a fast support our electronics service teams in Bielefeld and at our international service stations are at your disposal to support you according to the Dürkopp Adler motto ”We care“
In Dürkopp Adler Bielefeld we offer in addition to the repair service an exchange service of electrical components.
You can instantly receive tested exchange electronic equipment at a competitive price.
You send us your defective electronic equipment, we repair and test it and use it for the next customer as an exchange equipment.
For Users of our machine “documented airbag tearing seams” we offer an exchange service for calibrated thread monitors.
Quick, easy, low priced and without any risk for you.
Contact your local sales partner or Dürkopp Adler directly:
Dürkopp Adler Electronic Service Team
Electronic Repair shop  (T-S) 
Potsdamer Str. 190
33719 Bielefeld
Phone: 49 521 925 2540
Fax:     49 521 925 2589


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