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May 9, 2017:

Dürkopp Adler wins Texprocess Innovation Award for “QONDAC 4.0”

Industry 4.0 Network solution for up to 1500 sewing machines enables real-time production optimization, supports individualization and saves cost by remote maintenance

For some time, Dürkopp Adler is succesfully developing and manufacturing own sewing drive and control systems. The next step in the digitalization of the sewing industry follows now. The new "QONDAC 4.0" solution for the networking of industrial sewing machines opens up completely new optimization potentials for the industry.
An ingenious high-performance database system analyzes all processes and states of the machines and visualizes them in comprehensive key figures. The production manager now can always recognize immediately where production has a problem. Also, the performance of machine groups can be compared with one another or with target values. A long and expensive search for bottlenecks or causing problems was yesterday. Now he can react immediately. This saves enormous time and money.
"Individualization" and "quantity one" are further keywords in the industrial 4.0 era. With the future-oriented, fully digitalized PREMIUM series of M-TYPE sewing machines, this is no longer a problem: From the central server, the machines are automatically set to different requirements of the production orders.
Remote maintenance over the Internet is also integrated as well as use-dependent preventive maintenance information. And in case of technical problems, a technician automatically receives emails with detailed information about the error and the location of the machine.
The security of data is a very important for Dürkopp Adler: the customer is the owner of his data and decides for himself who is allowed to get access to the system. A hacker attack is virtually impossible due to the autonomy of the solution.
QONDAC 4.0: Connect and manage your machines!
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