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May 2, 2018:

Preview Texprocess Americas


The Texprocess Americas in Atlanta, USA, is the leading trade show for the textile and leather-processing industry on the American continent.

On an area of more than 510 m² the ShangGong Group presents itself with the brands Dürkopp Adler, Pfaff Industrial, Beisler, KSL as well as Mauser and is the largest exhibitor on this trade fair.

At this show presentation the emphasis is on future-oriented industry 4.0 solutions. One of the many highlights of Dürkopp Adler at the show is the start of QONDAC, the high-performance networking system for industrial sewing machines to optimize production and maintenance processes, remote control and predictive maintenance. The system analyses huge amounts of data in a few seconds and delivers key figures in real time that instantly identify bottlenecks and potential for improvement. Thus, double-digit increases in productivity are made possible.

Fittingly, the largest European manufacturer of industrial sewing machines launches a new IoT-compatible control panel for the machine control, the COMMANDER CSP with customizable surface, video tutorials and touch surface for the M-TYPE PREMIUM.

All the possibilities, features and services of the new brand can be found at

Furthermore, Dürkopp Adler presents two new smart devices for the M-TYPE machine series to realize perfect seams. With the NSB option (Neat Seam Beginning) a perfect seam beginning with extremely short and equal thread ends underneath the sewing material is realized so that subsequent trimming is not required. This guarantees additional productivity and neatness in the production process. Equally important for a perfect Quality is the new skip stitch detection SSD which immediately interrupts the sewing process as soon as a fault occurs within the seam.

As far as the automation of the production of men's jackets and trousers is concerned, Dürkopp Adler shows a further highlight:

The new automatic sewing unit class 756 for runstitching straight and slanted piped pockets, flap pockets and welt pockets offers unbeatable features for a perfect piped pocket sewn incredibly rapidly. What is special: The conversion to other needle distances is done in record time just by a few movements of the hand which increases the flexibility of the sewing unit considerably.

Also manufacturers of high-quality men's outerwear will find what they are looking for and can test the leading Dürkopp Adler sleeve production technology for men's jackets and blazers at the Texprocess Atlanta. Of course, all units can be networked and are able to communicate with QONDAC.

From stretch to heavy jeans fabrics – the latest generation of PFAFF jeans machines combine flexibility, high output and a broad range of applications with regard to the materials to be processed in a unique way.

The new PFAFF 3589, which will be exhibited in Atlanta is without a doubt the fastest pocket setter on the market. The PFAFF 3589 ensures consistently high quality and performance – even when using two sewing heads with different colored threads. During an 8-hour operation, up to 2,600 medium-sized jeans pockets may be processed. The PFAFF 3589 also yields top sewing results on modern stretch jeans.

The PFAFF 3538 pocket hemmer automat shown at the show features a new fully automated pocket loader. Once the feeder (with up to 500 pocket cuts) has been stocked, the machine works completely without an operator. This way, one operator is able to look after several machines. Using the PFAFF 3538, an output of approx. 16,500 pockets within 8 hours is possible. The automatic sewing unit guarantees a smooth and absolutely straight pocket hem. The machine is equipped with an automatic chain cutting and suction device.

At the trade show, these and other machines for key operations in jeans production will be integrated into a live production of jeans pockets. The finished jeans pockets will be given away to the visitors at the trade show.

For the first time in the US, PFAFF INDUSTRIAL will present a PFAFF 1591 electronic postbed machine with touch panel at the trade show. This upgrade provides the customer with real advantages both during programming and during the sewing process. Seam programs can be easily generated via the touch panel. The teach-in method may be used to program seams as well. The individual seam sections as well as the areas fullness are graphically shown on the display. The machine ensures

programmed sewing (99 sewing programs each featuring up to 99 seam areas). Programmed sewing increases the performance and decreases the rejects.

When manufacturing airbags, the option to simultaneously process two different thread sizes with one machine is a requirement the PFAFF 5483 fulfills in a unique manner. As a 3-needle version the chain-stitch high-speed seamer featuring drop feed and puller feed is able to process two different thread sizes ranging from Nm 13 (tex 210) to Nm 60 (tex 45). It is now possible to stitch the twin closing seam (using thick thread) and the internal designated tear seam (using thin thread) in ONE process and doing so with top seam quality and stitching reliability at up to 4,000 stitches per minute. The PFAFF 5483 stands for reliable and well-engineered sewing technology Made in Germany. This version will be shown worldwide at a trade show for the first time ever.

Based on the PFAFF 8323 hot-air welding machine, a special version was designed to reliably attach reflective tapes to work, sports, protective and safety clothing. The machine will be shown in Atlanta as a real alternative compared to „sewing or patching" as the traditional application technique (up to 70 % of the time can be saved). With the new machines, the lengths may be exactly programmed; it is possible to program individual segments and complete processes. The new tape cutter ensures a flush beginning and end of the strip with a straight cut. Those responsible at PFAFF are confident that important manufacturers will switch from sewing to hot-air tape welding.

Additional machines using the welding techniques ultrasound, hot air and hot wedge round out PFAFF INDUSTRIAL‘s wide array of welding exhibits at the trade show.

At the trade show in Atlanta, KSL will be presenting a KL 110 CNC sewing unit with rotating sewing head, with Vision System for top-stitching perforated materials made of leather and PVC in the interior sector, which is used in the automotive industry, for example. The intelligent Vision System (equipped with up to 4 cameras) compensates tolerances that arise in the seam contour as a result of material shrinkage and tolerances when punching the perforation, among other things. Specifically, the Vision System compares the image of a master part with the image of a part clamped in the sewing template. The seam positions are then automatically corrected in the sewing programme based on the individual measurement points. Thus Vision System makes it possible to sew between the perforations with millimetre precision and to compensate the resulting tolerances. It is possible to compensate for tolerances of up to 4 mm in the x and Y axes, as well as torsional tolerances. Sophisticated seams of the highest quality can be created in lockstitch or chainstitch, depending on the sewing head version, thanks to the tangential alignment of the sewing head

in any direction of sewing. The integrated template changing system in the KL 110 is not only space-saving, but also allows overlapped operation.

A further exhibit from the automotive interior sector is the KL 627, a manual, double-needle chainstitch machine with post-bed with a very large arm-clearance for bulky parts such as dashboards, interior door panels, etc. In the tyre cord sector KSL is exhibiting the KL 624 long-arm feed-off arm sewing unit with 10 needles for sewing linear joining of conveyor belt and tire cord fabric. Another highlight this year is the KL 500 robotic sewing unit with a KL 568 double-needle chainstitch sewing head for the automated sewing of decorative seams on dashboards. Over the past 50 years, KSL has become the market leader in the automated processing of technical textile materials, leathers and composites, and nonwovens, and is regarded in the industry as a high-tech forger of special machines and systems with a variety of joining techniques such as sewing and ultrasonic welding, for the automotive, filters, mattresses, home textiles, aerospace sectors. KSL provides solutions for individual customer applications and problems, lives and breathes Industry 4.0, and is competent partner for complex applications and needs.

You see it is worthwhile to come to Atlanta to test the highly sophisticated sewing and welding technology, robotics and industry 4.0 solutions from the ShangGong Group and to get an impression of all advantages. A large team of experts and consultants is well prepared to answer all your questions.


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