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Apr 23, 2020:

Material saving in the trousers production due to Optimized work station

From now on the class 171-131610 is available with the part set 550-121 (0171 590154). This makes the machine a special partner in the trouser production:

Application: Sewing and simultaneous pinking of the trousers crotch piece.

Performance: 2,000 crotch pieces of the trousers in 480 min.

Why is it worthwhile to pink the crotch wedges of a pair of trousers?

A grown on trousers crotch piece consumes a lot of space in the cutting pattern. Space-saving nesting of the parts is barely possible. It comes to an increased material consumption. In order to save material and to optimize the cutting pattern, it is recommended to change the back trousers pattern and separate the crotch piece. Thus, the cutting pattern can be planned efficiently.

By using the 171 with part set 550-121 approx. 8% material can be saved*


*Example for single size cutting pattern, may vary depending on pattern and size



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