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745-35-10 D

The special one – for the breast welt


For straight or slanted breast welt pockets with feeding and matching device for chequered or striped breast welts; with automatic adjustment of the corner knives as to the breast welt angles.

  • Perfect alignment of the breast welt in case of patterned fabrics by means of mechanical matching device
  • Automatic feeding of pocket facing / pocket bag and breast welt
  • Precise corner incision
  • Maximum pocket quality without mechanic conversion, even in problematic fabrics
  • Fully overlapped working method
  • Easy operation

The sewing unit 745-3-10 D has been upgraded as follows:

  •  Touch screen OP7000 with colour graphic display for easy programming and quick access to all Parameters – intuitive operating concept with freely designable    user interface for functions
  • All pocket parameters are freely programmable
  • High-quality control system with DAC comfort and Machine-ID
  • Machine parameters can be copied by USB flash drive
  • Saving of machine parameters in machine-ID

Typical field of application

  • Runstitching of straight and slanted breast welt pockets (also patterned)

Performance features

  • 900 - 1,000 breast welt pockets / 480'

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