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755 B

Sewing units with CNC stepper motor technology for runstitching straight pocket openings with fully automatic feeding device


The 755 B stands for high-performance technology in use for straight pocket openings. The sewing unit is equipped with an automatic feeding device for piping strips. Depending on the application, the automatic feeding can be from the right (trousers) or from the left (jacket). As an option, the sewing unit can be equipped with an automatic feeding of additional parts from the right and/or left for e.g. pocket flaps and pocket bags. An automatic cutting system for the piping ends additionally increases the productivity of the sewing unit.

Your new Advantages:

  • Unique programmable material adjustment for easy setting of different material thicknesses by the operator – pocket materials of different thickness can be processed one after the other without mechanical Adjustments
  • New piping cutting technology: Simultaneous, time-saving cutting of the piping ends using stepper motor technology – perfect incisions even in sensitive materials
  • Perfect folder system: improved material passage – simple, fast and low-cost exchange of folder and sole inserts
  • Improved loading devices for easy loading of the piping strips on the piping tray
  • Needle distances selectable from 8 – 20 mm – quick change of needle distance faster, more convenient and cheaper

Your known advantages:

  • Programmable needle feed for difficult-to-feed materials
  • Special "knitwear mode" for low-tension sewing of piped pockets
  • Programmable laser marking lights in longitudinal and transverse direction ·
  • Stepper motor controlled transport clamp adjustment with material spreading – for e.g. lining or stretch material
  • Programmable transport clamp pressure for different materials such as lining processing with fleece strips and stretch materials ·
  • Stepper motor controlled center knife drive with extended flexibility in material use due to adjustable knife stroke height – low knife wear
  • Highest precision for corner cuts through automatic corner knife station · Pocket lengths selectable from 20 – 220 mm (depending on equipment)
  • Second thread tension ensures optimum stitch formation in the seam and in the bartack

Performance examples in 480 minutes:

Single or double piped pockets in hind trousers (Additional parts: piping strip, pocket bag positioned underneath)

approx. 2,000 - 2,400 pockets

Single or double piped pockets with flaps in hind trousers (Additional parts: flap, piping strip, pocket bag positioned underneath or attached)

approx. 1,600 – 2,000 pockets

Single or double piped pockets in lining (Additional parts: piping strip, 2 pocket bags, lining triangle)

approx. 1,400 – 1,600 pockets

Comparison of Manual feeding vs. automatic feeding of parts

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