Classic fashion

Since 1860, every seam sits

PERFECT PROCESSING is a basic requirement for the production of classic fashion. Whoever wants to be successful in the ROYAL DISCIPLINE of clothing must rely on expertise and experience. Go TRUSTFULLY through every job with DÜRKOPP ADLER - the market leader in sewing technology for classic apparel.

Our excellence

45,000+ Special Solutions

designed and delivered since 2004.

15% Reduced Lead Time

average through restructuring of workplaces and processes.

30+ Years Experience

in the project planning and implementation of projects makes us experts.

95%+ Availibilty of A-Parts

ensuring reliable and quick service support.

60+ Years Experience

Leading manufacturer and innovation driver in eyelet buttonholing.

50+ Years Experience

Experience and market leader when it comes to piped pocket technology.

100% Climate-neutral

delivery with selected shipping partner.

650+ Distributors

in 85 countries building a global network of expertise and service.

Full range


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