Buttons and buttonholes

when perfection is the minimum

CNC technology at the highest level

Almost the last step in production but the first thing you see

Wherever buttonholes are sewn and buttons are attached, we are immediately in the area where we can determine the quality of a garment. At this point it has been proven for decades that Dürkopp Adler is the technology leader.


581 | For the perfect eyelet buttonhole

Innovative Technologie - made in Germany

Best in class since 1935

540-10 | First-class seam quality and extraordinary flexibilty

Unique cutting system

Perfect Buttonholes - flexible, quick and easy

841 | Accurate alignment and displacement-free buttonholes

Exact repetition and precision

Up to approx. 4,800 button bars per operator in 480min

532 | CNC-controlled button sewing machine Short cycle times - perfect result

Higher productivity with greater flexibility

Buttons - sewn on quickly and durably