Technologies for perfect attached pockets

Sewing units for highest output

Speed with maximum precision

Patch pockets can be found today in many pieces of clothing- in the shirt as breast pocket or as hind pocket on various jeans and casual trousers, but also on workwear and uniforms, the pockets are indispensable. To attach this variety of bags perfectly and efficiently, we offer the right solution for every requirement - whether fully automatic folding and stitching of the pockets or efficient pre-creasing and subsequent sewing on of the pockets.

Your benefits at a glance

Short training times due to easiest operationFully overlapped working due to separate positioning and sewing areaPerfect quality of the attached pockets due to automatic program processNo subsequent bartacking requiredErgonomically designed work stations for fatigue-free workingReliable and network-compatible Dürkopp Adler control technology

806N | Sewing units for creasing and attaching pockets ( knitted & woven fabrics)

Highest precision and quality

Perfect pockets - without previous creasing

906-10 - Sewing unit for attaching of pre-creased pockets

Highest efficiency and strong technology

Attach pre-creased pockets - quick and easy