Automatic serging made easy!

Powerful technologies for serging of long and short seams

Unbeatable - Practical - Special - Experienced

Sustainable quality paired with unbeatable productivity is assured by our Beisler series of serging units. Unintentional trimming of the fabric edges is a thing of the past. Safe sewing material guidance and maintaining the original cutting contour are guaranteed.


1365 | Zweikopf-Umstechanlage zum Versäubern von Vorder- und Hinterhosenteilen

Die "Unschlagbare" für höchste Produktivität

Höchste Qualität gepaart mit unschlagbarer Produktivität

1265 - Single-head-serging unit for serging the front and back trousers

The "Flexible one" for highest quality

Flexible for the classic and casual application

1200 | Single-head serging unit for serging long and short sewing pieces – with/without kneelining

Highly flexible and efficient

One sewing unit for all applications: Casual, jeans or classic processing