Digitize your sewing production

What can be done to boost PRODUCTIVITY even higher?
How can we increase equipment AVAILABILITY?
Is there a way to improve QUALITY any further?

QONDAC is a bi-directional network system that does not only collect and analyse data from sewing machines for productivity and quality monitoring but can also command your DÜRKOPP ADLER sewing machines remotely and teach your workers for best practice.

Full performance

ROI < 3 Months

is reported by more than 90% of the users. Profit from time savings, productivity increase and maintenance optimization.

Hundreds Of Workplaces

already connected with QONDAC worldwide. Simple installation and remote support enable pilot projects with low implementation efforts.

5-20% Productivity

increase reported by customers. Boost your productivity even more by drawing the right conclusions based on new transparency prossibilities in your production and optimization of processes.

Discover the benefits of QONDAC

Reduce costs

Reduce costs by identifying worker absenteeism as well as machine performance related inefficiencies.

Lower your scrap rate

Lower your scrap rate by making sure all machine parameters are set up right and your workers are trained properly.

Increase process transparency

Increase process transparency by getting real time information for line balancing, order tracking, worker and machine performance monitoring.

Empower your workforce

Empower your workforce by showing best practice work instructions / media at the workplaces.

Improve your production processes

Improve your production processes by using built in advanced Analytics and specially designed reports to deliver insights on point.

Keep implementation costs low

Keep implementation costs low and benefit from your existing it infrastructure as QONDAC does not require any special network or server hardware devices to be used.

Network infrastructure

QONDAC is easy to install. You can setup QONDAC on your existing network infrastructure.

Software Modules


QONDAC - How it works at a glance
QONDAC - End user licensing agreement

With QONDAC you are able to increase your productivity by 18% within 3 month. Request a demo and experience your future production for yourself.