Real-Time Production Management – Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness with QONDAC Guided Working.

The first sewing shopfloor control system with deep machine integration for HIGHEST PRODUCTIVITY and smooth user experience. Safe time and money by reacting immediately to changes in the workforce, machine breakdowns or production bottlenecks. ORGANIZE AND CONTROL your shopfloor by creating product-specific workflows and roll out all information needed with the click of a button.

Your benefits at a glance

Easily import your product data (part lists and workplans). See tact times, handling times and piece flows while setting up new production workflows.

Increase Productivity at the Workplace: Show target workstep and cycle times. Motivate by giving feedback to personal quality, productivity and availability goals.

Control your shopfloor by assigning workflows to orders. React immediately to changes on the shopfloor and switch over workflows for higher productivity.

Automatic triggers reduce user interaction to a minimum. Use order reports to find optimization potential.

Use preset sewing programs for each production workstep. Reduce errors in machine handling and prevent unintended production parameters.

Train your Workers for Best Practice: Show descriptions for each workstep and use videos and pictures to describe best practices.

Insights: Request an order specific material check.


Our professional trainings help you become an expert in using our software to your highest advantage.

With QONDAC you are able to increase your productivity by 18% within 3 month. Request a demo and experience your future production for yourself.