REPLACEMENT SERVICE: CERTIFIED and CALIBRATED thread tension monitors for documented sewing units

With the DÜRKOPP ADLER machine classes 550-D800, -867 or -767 you have acquired a product to accomplish SAFETY-relevant seams. The conception of the machine is based on process RELIABILITY as well as on the monitoring of the predetermined sewing parameters and sewing processes including their documentation. In order to ensure process reliability during the sewing process, certified thread tension MONITORS are used, which are regularly certified.

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Certification of Thread Tension Monitors

Yearly certification according to ITAF 16949

For classes 550-D800, 550-867 or 550-767


In order to avoid production downtimes, please request the exchange of your used thread tension components for an certified device before the expiration of the certificate (3-4 weeks in advance). 

Calibration of Thread Tension Monitors

In accordance with ISO/IEC 17025

For classes 550-D800 and 550-867


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