Training Courses

BECOME EXPERTS to leverage the full potential of your production! DÜRKOPP ADLER not only offers first-class machines, but also the corresponding TRAINING courses to help you get the most out of your production. No matter if application trainings or technical trainings, face-to-face events or online trainings. Training courses with our experts take place regularly and on demand! REGISTER NOW and reserve your place!

Your advantages:

Knowledge transfer

Profit from the experience of our specialists and become an expert yourself


A wide range of training courses as well as individual training contents on request enable us to impart exactly the knowledge you need


Choose a suitable training date and location or request individual training on demand

Industrial Training Courses

M-TYPE Platform
H-TYPE Platform
911 - CNC controlled sewing unit
Online Training DACcad PC Software
Industrial chain stitch machines
867-M Premium
550-867 - Sewing unit for side airbag tearing seams
550-D800 - Sewing unit for side airbag tearing seams
DAC Eco, Classic Motor technology
Individual Online Trainings

Garment Training Courses

Buttonhole automats
Piped pockets sewing units
Sewing units for sleeve operations
Pocket sewing
Automatic folding and attaching sewing units
DAC Eco, Classic Motor technology
Bartacker / Button sewer
Sewing units for closing seams
Serging sewing units
806N self-manufacture of creasing sets and transfer devises
806N assembly creasing set and transfer devises
Individual Online Trainings

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