The Dürkopp Adler Group (DA Group) is the new owner of SONOTRONIC, an ultrasonic custom machine manufacturer based in Karlsbad, Germany

After a nine-month period of insolvency and reorganization, SONOTRONIC has been successfully integrated into the DA Group. Dr. Frank Meyer takes over the position of managing director. With this acquisition, the DA Group creates new opportunities to expand its product portfolio and thus further strengthen its position in the global market. 

With its innovative machines and systems in ultrasonic welding technology, SONOTRONIC sets pioneering standards in the production of plastic parts for the automotive industry. Ultrasonic technology is also used in the packaging, plastics, food, textile, medical and environmental industries.

The CEO of ShangGongGroup (the parent company of DA Group), Mr. Zhang Min, and other delegates of DA Group visited SONOTRONIC's headquarters in Karlsbad for the official company integration. Mr. Zhang Min is convinced "(...) that the acquisition of SONOTRONIC is an important step for the future of the SGG Group and DA Group. We look forward to working together to develop innovative solutions for our customers."

The restart of the specialist for ultrasonic welding technology will be initiated on August 1, 2023 by Dürkopp Adler Investment GmbH, which will operate under the name SONOTRONIC GmbH in the future.
The subsidiaries in the USA and Spain will also remain part of the group, securing around 200 jobs for the development and manufacturing of special machines, standard machines, assemblies and components for processing plastics and technical textiles. 
With the acquisition of SONOTRONIC, the DA Group is specifically expanding its portfolio in the field of automation for industrial sewing and welding technology solutions through high-tech ultrasonic systems and ultrasonic technologies.

Dr. Frank Meyer thanked all parties for their energetic cooperation during the takeover phase. He emphasized SONOTRONIC's potential to expand the DA Group's offering and enter new markets. The company also ties in with the Group's ecological values and is committed to sustainable and future-proof bonding technology. 

The successful takeover enables a promising new start for SONOTRONIC on August 1, 2023, under the management of the DA Group.