Sales & Application Training

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING at Dürkopp Adler increases your competence. It has been proven that professional competence is an essential prerequisite for successful customer discussions. This includes the ability to communicate the advantages of our quality products to the customer in a way that is appropriate to the situation. Convincing argumentation always forms the best basis for success. That is why we offer an extensive program of free ONLINE and PRESENCE seminars to our sales partners.

Your advantages:


Increase your knowledge and expertise with the professional support of our experienced Sales Excellence team.


We offer an essential prerequisite for competent discussions with customers, conveying the benefits of our quality products in a way that is appropriate to the situation.


Take advantage of our reliable support, even for special customer enquiries. We offer you a flexible and comprehensive programme.

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Garment Training Courses

Basic seminar for beginners
DAVIS Training
581 - Buttonhole technology
Piping pocket technology with manual feeding method
Piping pocket technology with automatic feeding method
Sleeve technology
BEISLER | Serging systems & closing seams
BEISLER | Short seam systems

Industrial Training Courses

Individual Online Trainings

Dürkopp Adler has sales partners all over the world, so is always nearby when you need us. Please click on the link to get a list of sales partners in your region.