Beisler-optimized workstation for topstitching waistband

Stitching through the waistband made easy

Simple and Good

Are you looking for a simple solution for topstitching trouser and skirt waistbands? We offer you a specially adapted workstation for topstitching waistbands in the seam shadow or optionally on the waistband. It is very easy to change the operation by exchanging the presser foot. 

Sewing equipment for topstitching waistbands in the seam shadowSimple operation and short training timesReliable and network-compatible Dürkopp Adler control technologySewing equipments for topstitching on the waistbands (1.6mm)

550-5-5-2 | Der gestaltete Arbeitsplatz zum Durchsteppen von Rock- und Hosenbunden

Einfache Bedienung - kurze Anlernzeiten

Einfach und schnelles Absteppen von Rock- und Hosenbunden

273 / 274 | Single needle lockstitch machines with top puller feed

Predestinated for flat seams – even in difficult-to-feed fabrics

Perfect transport properties in thin materials

171 / 173 | Single or twin needle double chainstitch machines with / without puller feed

Temperamental and comfortable

Outstanding transport properties in thin materials