World of fast seamers

Basics for garment manufacturing

Universal - Durable - Rugged

With our high-quality high-speed seamer from Dürkopp Adler we offer you the basis for your garment manufacturing. Profit from our years of experience in the sewing industry. In our extensive product portfolio we can offer you a wide range of high-speed seamer for various applications.

The 170 series double chainstitch (stitch type 401)/single chainstitch (stitch type 101) is ideally suited for e.g. basting operations, ruffling operations, taping operations, lining seams and many more. 

The 200 series lockstitch (stitch type 301) finds its field of application in e.g. front sewing of pleats, topstitching, front sewing of small parts with simultaneous trimming, topstitching through waistband and many more.


Perfect seam quality in shirts, knitwear, underwear, jeans and workwear etcModern and reliable Dürkopp Adler control technology DAC classicLarge, flexible application areaLow operating costsNo feed marks in the material by means of the patented light stroke feed systemPerfect stitch formation in combination with lowest tensionChain- or lock stitch machinesDifferent material transport optionsSewing with simultaneous edge trimmingEasy cleaning and maintenanceExcellent spare parts availability

171 / 173 | Single or double needle chainstitch machine with bottom feed and with/without puller feed

Temperamental and comfortable

Outstanding transport properties in thin materials

175 / 176 / 179 | Single or double needle chainstitch machine with DIFFERENTIAL FOOT TOP FEED or DIFFERENTIAL BOTTOM FEET

Versatile single or double chainstitch machines

Best for ruffling the top or bottom layer of fabric

261-02 | Single needle lockstitch machines with bottom feed

Whether light summer fabric or denim - many applications are possible

The universally usable high-speed seamer

272 | Single needle lockstitch machines with needle feed

The special sewing machines for universal use

Four powerful basic machines for displacement-free seams in thick and thin material - with/without edge cutter or Triflex device, depending on application

273 / 274 | Single needle lockstitch machines with top puller feed AND NEEDLE FEED

Predestinated for flat seams – even in difficult-to-feed fabrics

Perfect transport properties in thin materials

275 | Single needle lockstitch machines with differential top feed

The versatile special sewing machines for difficult sewing tasks

Four high-performance machine classes for transport-critical materials and seams with/without fullness

281 | Premium high speed lockstitch machine

Premium high speed seamer for universal use

Excellent seam quality for light to medium weight material