Simply close long seams

Powerful technologies for closing long seams

Fast - Efficent - Unbeatable

Creating flat seams is the challenge on long seam closing. Manually sewing closing seams is a long training process where the fullness often occurs where we do not need it. In order to counteract the problem, we offer sewing machines that can perform the sewing process safely and easy.


Sewing machines specially designed for the operationHigh output and short training timesFlat, pucker-free seams by chainstitch technologyConstant seam width due to precise contour guidanceUse for casual, classic and denim

1281 | Sewing unit with pre-laying table for long closing seams

Flat seams - we accept the challenge!

Displacement- free sewing for closing long seams

1280 | The ECO-version of the sewing units for closing seams

Simply close long seams quickly

Efficient workplace design for smooth seams

550-8-3 | Optimized workstation for closing long seams

Simple - Fast - Efficient

Short gripping distances combined with easy handling